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We are currently expanding our brand on international level. 
Due to the continuous growth of our brand, we are looking for passionate and exclusive retailers to form a partnership and grow together. As an official retailer you are authorized to offer our exclusive eyewear to your customers and network.

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Retail information

The collaboration between retailers and MONTEYA opens doors to a range of profitable benefits.
Retail Opportunity - Retailers can purchase a minimum quantity of MONTEYA products and resell them to their own customers. This collaboration offers a revenue-sharing model without any registration fees. Beyond financial gains, this partnership fosters growth for both MONTEYA and retail partners. The MOQ is 100 Pcs per collection.
Customer Expansion - The synergy between these entities leads to a thriving revenue stream for retailers, simultaneously extending MONTEYA's influence. This establishes a robust and sustainable business relationship, enriching all parties involved. The strong bond between MONTEYA and retailers forms the bedrock for shared success and progress.
Sustainable Partnerships - This cooperative approach not only drives financial profits but also nurtures the lasting development of both collaborators. Retailers gain the chance to boost sales and enlarge their customer base, while MONTEYA benefits from an expanded market presence. This creates a win-win scenario, where individual retailers and MONTEYA flourish in harmony.

General information

When admitted to our partner program, you will receive all information about ordering our high end eyewear. As an official retailer, you can order directly from us, establishing a direct and personal connection.
Delivery - We deliver directly to your store from our stock or manufacturer. Depending on the situation, delivery times can be as short as 1-4 weeks.
Content - We offer high-quality product content to enhance your display and showcase our items effectively to your customers.

Pricing - Interested in collaboration? We can provide your company with a comprehensive lookbook, offering pricing and collection details, facilitating an informed partnership decision.

Additional information

When applying for our retail program, please provide us the following additional information in the comment section: 
Company Name - The official name of your company.

Website and Store address - The link to your website and the street + number, postal/zip code, city and country of your company.

Company story Let us know what your company stands for and why we should work together.


Interested? Fill in our contact form and we will get back to you within 1-2 business days.

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