Monteya x Ibiza Boat Club

Monteya x Ibiza Boat Club

We are thrilled to announce that MONTEYA has officially gone international! Our journey towards global recognition begins with an extraordinary milestone: an exclusive collaboration with the iconic Ibiza Boat Club.

A Commitment to Luxury and Exclusivity

At MONTEYA, we pride ourselves on creating experiences that define luxury and exclusivity. We carefully select our partners to ensure they share our unwavering commitment to these high standards. Our alliance with Ibiza Boat Club perfectly exemplifies this ethos, providing the ideal platform to showcase our high-end eyewear in the world’s most glamorous locales.

Ibiza Boat Club

Ibiza Boat Club is renowned for its unparalleled boat trips, five-star boat parties, and private boat events in the vibrant heart of the Mediterranean. Our collaboration means that every voyage with them is now enhanced by the refined elegance of MONTEYA, ensuring that your style shines as bright as the sunlit sea.

*We extend our heartfelt thanks to the wonderful Ibiza Boat Club crew for their warm welcome and exceptional care during our boat trips. Your hospitality makes every moment on board an unforgettable experience.

Stay tuned as we set sail towards the extraordinary. You can get more information and/or tickets at

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